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Travel tech untaps the hidden potential of your phone, Journey Driven offering free early access

 Journey driven is an offline GPS tracker and automatic travel journal that will change the way you travel the world.

November 12, 2018, Denver, Colorado

Travel is all about living through a series of moments that pull you into the moment a bring to life the wonder of the world we live in. It brings us face to face with something larger than ourselves and helps broaden our horizons by reminding us what really matters. It is all about the memories that could never be planned, places that can’t be researched, and the relationships that would never have blossomed. For many people. travel is much too grand to plan and impossible to ignore.


The Story

Journey Driven is inspired by a 16-month backpacking adventure around the world through 26 countries. The idea, dreamt up while driving a motorbike through Vietnam for 5 weeks, uses the untapped potential of your everyday cell phone in ways never done before.


They are currently accepting users for free early access as they get ready to launch next month.


What is it?

The offline travel tracker leverages untapped location technology to provide seamless travel tracking along the way. The main feature being the ability to automatically log travels via a mobile device, even without needing a data plan, SIM card, or cell coverage.


Journey driven uses this innovative solution to privately keep your loved ones updated as you travel, while producing an automatic digital blog complete with your traveled path, current location, mapped photos, pinned narratives, and tracked travel stats.


“The concept is to make documenting and sharing your travels automatic and effortless, so you can disconnect from your phone and reconnect with what’s around you.”

– Steven Fortunato, founder.



  • Automatically track your traveled path

  • Privately update family and friends along the way.

  • Effortlessly document travel stats and details

  • Geo-pin your photos to a map

  • Works offline: No data, internet, or cell service needed

  • Social Map: Keep track of travel buddies and see where your paths cross


The Problem

For the reported 200+ million young travelers passionate about road tripping, backpacking, and any kind of international adventure traveling, a lot of the experience happens offline, in most cases without cell service or international data plans, resulting in poor route documentation.


“The way we research, log, and report adventure travel is very outdated and inefficient. There are gaps that leave the booking process fragmented, distract travelers from being engaged in the moment, and leave loved ones at home anxiously uncertain regarding safety and current whereabouts,” says Fortunato.


The team has also made it clear they understand offline travel is one of the last voids in user behavior not being accurately measured, a space now reachable with a product capable of offline location tracking.


Why It’s Unique

Journey Driven sets itself apart from other travel apps by leveraging the ability to work offline without using any data thanks to their proprietary algorithm that patches together location data in ways never done before.


The inclusive social map feature is also unique, allowing travel buddies to keep tabs on each other once they part ways, and literally see where their paths cross as their adventures continue.


Check out their recent promo video on YouTube.


“The goal of the app is to help fuel a connection to the people and places you discover; to create a deeper understanding of the world we live in and inspire others with your story,” says founder Steven Fortunato.  “Journey Driven is inspired by the unknown and the power of a curious and open mind.”



A top concern of Journey Driven is protecting user privacy and every effort is made to make this completely controllable while using the app. All accounts default to private, requiring each user to accept individual follow requests or setting their account to public. This grants each user control of who gets to see where and when they’ve traveled. Private journeys can also be started, which only allow the traveling user to see any recorded data.


Early feedback for Journey Driven has been very positive across the board.


“Journey Driven has been such a useful travel tool. Especially for my family and friends who are really interested, and sometimes worried, about where I am.”

- Drew Sullivan, beta tester



Journey Driven will be launching January 1st, 2019. If your interested in using this app, be sure to sign up for free early access and early adopter benefits while you can at journey-driven.com.

About Journey Driven

Journey Driven was founded by Steven Fortunato after a 16 month backpacking adventure around the world and was later joined by technical co-founder Mike K. Together the duo has explored over 30 different countries and are on the hunt for partners, employees, and investors that share the same passion for travel.



PR Contact:

Steven Fortunato

Founder | Product Designer

T: +19085003782

E: contact@journey-driven.com