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About Us

Mission Statement


To inspire a curiosity for the unknown, influence a connection to new people and places, and change the way you see the world.

What does that mean?

Our ultimate goal is to evolve into a vehicle for positive impact on places of the world that need it most. To bring people together by bringing them face to face with each other and create a deeper understanding of how naturally similar we all are. To inspire others with your story and trust in what life has in store for chasing your dreams.

What Drives Journey Driven?

We believe the world is a wild place of wonder and adventure. That traveling has the power to change the way we see it, and the ability to crack us open and shine light into who we are truly meant to be. The power to show us our potential and intended path, and we only hope to expand that mindset outward.


We believe experiencing the world brings us face to face with something much larger than ourselves. That an adventurous heart and open mind can lead to unlimited possibilities and bring us all closer together.


We believe in sharing smiles, eating weird food, learning local languages, long bus rides, bucket showers, shooting stars, dancing like a fool, choosing love over fear, walking to the edge, living with intent and embracing every moment.

We crave connection with people and places. We are inspired by the unknown, consumed by curiosity, and driven by the journey!

About Us
The Story | Journey Driven, Ltd was founded by Steven Fortunato after a 16 month adventure around the world and was later joined by Erika Angel. The pair met in a Hostel in Vietnam in August 2016. The idea was born on day 23 of a month long motorbike road trip from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi.
We understand there are people out there lying awake at night or staring mindlessly into their work computer dreaming of what's out there in the world.
We also understand what is like to be the person/parent at home worried sick about a loved one currently traveling in places they've never even heard of.
Our team can tell you first hand what it looks like to be on a month or year-long adventure. We believe we've found a gap in the way people share the magic of their travel stories and keep in touch while on the road, so we put our heads together and created the Journey Driven App
 Our work is the product of the journeys that drive us. Our hearts and souls have been poured into this project!  
Who We Are
Founder & Product Designer
27 countries
PR & Community Outreach
12 countries

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